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Citizen Review Committee

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The Citizens Review Process

The Citizens Review Committee (CRC) is comprised of up to 10 members of the Board of Directors and up to 6 members of the community at large.

  • Local non-profit health and human care agencies submit annual funding requests and supporting documentation for specific programs. Applications are sent out in the beginning of January and due in the end of February. Non-profit agencies that are interested in applying for annual grants should contact our organization by emailing
  • Agencies are scheduled to appear before the CRC to highlight the program they are requesting money for and to answer any questions.
  • The CRC reviews applications and presentation information, resolves any questions and recommends the grant amounts.
  • The United Way Board of Directors has final approval of grants during the May meeting each year. The Citizen Review Committee Chair presents the CRC report and answers questions.
  • Agencies are notified of grant awards by the end of June. Agency grants are paid in quarterly payments during the months of July, September, December and March. 
  • All agencies that receive grants must submit a mid-year report and a year-end report to the CRC for each grant cycle.




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