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Smart Beginnings Western Tidewater Workshop

We believe that one important way to improve high-school graduation drop-out rates is to start with quality early childhood education. A good beginning can lead to a good finish. FSAUW supports this endeavor by participating in the Smart Beginnings Western Tidewater Collaboration – a group of about 35 volunteers committed to see that all children in Western Tidewater enter school healthy and ready to learn.

SBWT has placed a high priority on identifying and supporting efforts that promote excellence in strengthening children and their families. Research indicates that 1 in 8 children is not prepared for kindergarten and 10,000 students will repeat a grade between kindergarten and third grade in Virginia. These retentions cost taxpayers roughly $80 million across the state. High quality preschool instruction is critical to ensure that our state and country have a strong and capable workforce not only in Virginia, but also across the country.

How can you be an advocate for early childhood education?

  • Help a family receive needed services, such as Head Start or Early Head Start.
  • Attend a parent/teacher conference at your child’s school.
  • Participate in a city council or board of supervisor’s meeting. Give your voice to support policies and budgets for early childhood education.
  • Position your company publicly behind early education.


If you are interested in becoming an advocate for United Way please contact us.