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Our Service Area

Our service area includes the Franklin City and Southampton County.  


Our Mission

To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our local communities.


Our Vision

Franklin and Southampton County will be thriving communities with opportunities for a better life for all. United Way will advance the common good by focusing on the basic building blocks of Education, Income and Health.


To do this we will:

  • Be a leader in bringing together partners to create lasting changes in our community
  • Be recognized as a trusted steward of our communities’ contributions and resources
  • Be a champion of Results Based Accountability
  • Communicate and learn from the impact of our work


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History of the Franklin-Southampton Area United Way

Franklin-Southampton Area United Way began as the Franklin Community Fund in 1940. As is no surprise, a Camp, Hugh Camp, was the first chairman. The initial campaign goal was $5100 and they raised over $8656 – 70% over goal. The campaign slogan was "Help Franklin Help Franklin".

Franklin Community Fund became the Franklin Area United Way in 1979. John Hopkins, a Union Camp employee, was board president.

Why change to United Way? Most of the community projects were being funded by Camp family money. Some people thought that the community would have more ownership of projects and programs if there was a higher level of community participation in raising the money and choosing the programs. It was decided that the United Way was a good way to do that. The United Way brand was highly respected and there was a national campaign to piggyback on.

During this time the Citizens Review Committee was formed to review grant requests and decide what programs to fund along with how much to give. We still have this important committee today, made up of Board members and citizens at large from the community.

From the very beginning, the Camp Foundations, and later Franklin-Southampton Charities, have covered local United Way administrative costs. That lets every dollar of community donations go directly to programs. We are thankful for their continued generous support.

Records from 1981 to today show that we have awarded over $5.5 million as United Way! In 1981, we funded 10 agencies and today we have 24. Some of them, such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and American Red Cross have been with us the whole time. Others have been dropped or added as community needs changed.

Over the years, our name has changed as our territory expanded. From Franklin Community Fund to Franklin Area United Way to the Greater Franklin Area United Way to the Franklin-Southampton Area United Way. But what hasn’t changed is our goal of helping people to have better lives. For the last several years, over 15,000 people a year right here in Franklin and Southampton have attended programs and activities, joined clubs and received a helping hand from United Way supported agencies.


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